Master's Ranch Christian Academy

Therapeutic boarding school

About Us 

Master's Ranch Christian Academy is a boarding school program that provides at-risk children from around the region with life-changing structure, support, and discipline.

Pastor David Bosley, the retired founder, and Master's Ranch are committed to restoring and healing to suffering kids and their families, as well as offering the resources, companionship, and faith-based therapy needed to achieve a fresh start and direction in their life.

Counseling & Therapeutic Healing for Over 20 Years

David Bosley, the now-retired founder, and Master's Ranch Christian Academy have worked with at-risk kids with a variety of anger and behavioral issues for more than 20 years, helping those who are self-destructive or have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or RAD discover the hope and confidence they need to find a better path.

Master's Ranch, located in an outdoor ranch-style environment, provides a casual but clearly Christian approach to juvenile therapy, employing a tried-and-true technique that fosters sharing and makes positive transformation far more feasible.

Instilling Self-Belief by Emphasizing the Importance of Work

Master's Ranch Christian Academy fosters self-esteem and confidence in at-risk adolescents by emphasizing the value of hard labor and personal responsibility via the care of dogs, pigs, and cattle on a working farm. Working directly with animals provides a vital therapeutic aspect, particularly in the areas of anger control and emotional bond enhancement.

Furthermore, Master's Ranch provides a highly vocational curriculum focused on workplace skill development with real-world application. Boys in the Master's Ranch program receive essential practical skills instruction ranging from wood, metal, and cement skills to electrical, plumbing, welding, and culinary arts, which helps create purpose and confidence that will endure their whole lives.

Discipline and Achievement

Master's Ranch Christian Academy is structured and disciplined in a military-style, with a focus on the ideals of trust, privilege, accountability, and respect for authority. Such infrastructure gives guests the confidence, concentration, and purpose they need to carve out a more successful route and return to their lives as God-fearing men.

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